Ski Clothing  

Ski Clothing:

Your ski clothing is probably your most important investment after the holiday itself! Being ill-equipped for a holiday in the snow, whether your're skiing or not, can put a real damper on the occasion… literally! One has to be ready for extremes in temperatures. For example, riding the first chair lift of the morning with the temperature hovering around O°C is pretty chilly in any language! However, by the time the sun’s up and you’ve spent a few crazy hours charging down the slopes, you’re gonna wanna start stripping down a little. The secret is to dress in layers that you can take off and put on, as the temperature requires it.

So, here’s the short list of ski clothing essentials:

Starting at the top… A Polartec® Beanie to keep your pip warm! (No farm hats please!!)

Good pair of shades: Oakley produces an excellent range of shades (and goggles) that good for this job, and they’re really
cool. Seriously though, any good pair of polarized sunglass, preferably ones that wrap around the face a little, will be fine.
(Snow blindness is not comfortable!)

Ski Jacket and Pants: A good set will cost upwards of R1000 but they’re worth every cent. They will not only keep you dry and warm, but the extra little of padding can come in very handy!! A good ski jacket is always a useful garment, even in our winters.

T-Shirt and Sweater: These go under the jacket and will provide enough cover when it gets a little warm for the jacket!

Under your ski pants?! I don’t even want to know!! But, contrary to popular belief ‘long johns’ are not a good idea. They get
very hot and extremely difficult to remove with skis on!! Besides if your pants are good, you wont need additional insulation for
your legs.

A good pair of gloves is absolutely vital! Make sure they are waterproof, and have a toughened or extra layer of fabric on the palm for carting your skis around. (Ski edges are very sharp!)

Socks! Leave your old rugby socks at home. They are generally made of course fabric, which can cause bad chaffing on your
shins when you’re skiing. Get a few good pairs of soft, brushed cotton ski socks!

Footwear: These are more important ski clothing than one might think, because even the complete ski nut is going to spend a fair amount of time out of their ski boots in the evenings and getting around during the excursions and après ski activities. Make sure they have soles with a good tread (icy walkways can be treacherous after a few gluweins!) and are reasonably waterproof. We’ve always found that a good pair of hiking boots does the trick! Alternatively get yourself a pair of ‘moonboots’ when you arrive - they are inexpensive and perfect for tobogganing, walking around town and having fun in the snow!

Sunscreen: I am always amazed at how burnt one can get during a bright sunny day on the slopes. Faces and particularly
noses should be well covered in sun cream before venturing onto the slopes, even if it’s overcast.

*Ski and weather conditions in different locations may require minor adjustments to the ski clothing list. Ask your Ski Company consultant for more info!


If you have any further queries regarding any of the above information then please feel free to email James Alexander on

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