A common question we get, particularly from fit and sporty South Africans, is ‘Do we really need ski school?’ Our answer is ‘Absolutely, YES!’  Of course you can get by without lessons but even the most gifted athlete is going to need some pointers along the way. Added to which, ski school is a wonderfully social occasion – you get to meet other skiers at a similar level, laugh a lot at each other’s tumbles, and generally urge each other on.

So, here are a few suggestions:

Group lessons

These are by far the most affordable option! And if you are travelling on a prepaid ‘holiday package’ (e.g. Club Med), they are probably included already and booked for the first five to six days of your holiday.
If you haven’t prepaid and booked lessons as part of your package it’s very easy to join one of the ski schools in your village/resort. However, during busy periods I advise that you book these prior to departure to avoid disappointment (speak to your travel consultant).
Note that ski school hours vary from country to country. In Austria you will typically get 4 hours per day – 2 hours either side of lunch.  In Italy on the other hand lessons are limited to 2 hours per day, and typically in the morning. In France it’s a mix of both depending where you are, but two to three hours in the morning is more common.

Ski Instructor giving snow boarders a lesson on the snow
Student and ski instructor high fiving with ski poles
Private Lessons

Private lessons are a popular choice among regular once-or-twice-a-year skiers who need to improve the skills and iron out any bad habits that may have crept in on the previous trip. However, you will be getting one-on-one instruction so expect to pay a lot more than group lessons.

If you are travelling with group of friends or family and you all ski at a similar level (beginner, intermediate, advanced), then private group lessons private group lessons may be what you’re looking for. Again, class sizes will be limited to +/- 6 people.

Do a Little e-Preparation!

Spend some time on YouTube familiarising yourself with the instruction that you’ll get on the slopes. This is particularly relevant for first time skiers, but even intermediate and advanced skiers who want to improve their skills will get benefit from this. 

Look no further than Elate Media’s Ski School YouTube channel where you will meet professional ski instructor Darren Turner. His instructional videos are excellent and cover everything from boot fitting hints to mogul skiing. For more digital instruction while on the slopes, get their app from skischoolapp.com.